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Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy in Stafford

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Embodied Living psychoanalytic psychotherapy in Stafford

We are all able to be happy and live an embodied life full of meaning, connection, pleasure and satisfaction. But, from time to time, we all need a helping hand. Psychotherapy can help you to overcome and heal the problems that get in the way of happiness. Embodied Living offers psychotherapy in Stafford.

Psychotherapy in Stafford in a warm, non-judgemental space

Whether online psychotherapy or in person, I can help you with many issues. Perhaps you need help coping with anxiety or how to deal with depression. Perhaps you are suffering the symptoms of post-traumatic stress and need help with trauma or abuse? Do you want to learn to control your anger or manage your addiction? Maybe low self-esteem or panic attacks are getting in the way of your life. I offer a safe space to express your emotions and thoughts without judgement, allowing you to process and make sense of your feelings.

The therapy can achieve lasting results

Of course, you can be assured of a results oriented approach to psychotherapy, as we work together in an open and honest framework.

Offering secure online psychotherapy

The psychotherapy in Stafford takes place in a private and safe therapy room in the ST17 area of Stafford, which has a private reception and offers easy parking and access from all the main routes. It goes without saying that online psychotherapy and counselling is available via secure, encrypted online sessions. All you need to access online therapy is a device that is connected to the internet (mobile, tablet, laptop/computer). Of course telephone counselling is also an option.

Therapy that gets results

Outcomes are important and you want to know that the time and money you put into therapy will work. I have been using the CORE System to measure outcomes since 2012. This system is hugely popular and clinically proven since being developed in the late 90’s. CORE is now the outcome system of choice in the UK and increasingly overseas. Here is what you can expect to get with me:

a consistent record of achieving 95% reliable change and 85% both clinical and reliable change as measure by the CORE system

that means you are more likely to experience change and feel better as a result of undertaking psychoanalytic psychotherapy with me

ongoing investment in personal and self development over 50 hours each year and over 13 years’ experience working psychotherapeutically

it is likely that you will be able to experience positive change by undertaking psychotherapy in Stafford with me

A psychoanalytic approach to psychotherapy in Stafford

Sue Tupling, founder of Embodied Living, uses psychoanalytic psychotherapy as her main modality for psychotherapy Stafford and Staffordshire. This is complemented with neurolinguistic psychotherapy and Pesso Boyden system body-based system.

Sue has been working therapeutically with people since 2007. She is also a highly trained and experienced mindfulness teacher. Sue is able to offer you effective psychotherapy in Stafford. This means that you get the results you want.

Results-oriented psychotherapy that gets results

Depending on the presenting issue and desired outcome, sometimes therapy can be brief and short-term (up to 12 hours), but often more long-term work is needed. In her work, Sue aims to get to the source of the unconscious issues that are causing you problems, to look for less productive ‘patterning’ to restructure your model of the world to a more productive and useful one for you.

Be more of who you can be with psychotherapy

How psychotherapy can help you overcome life’s problems

I just want to feel like myself again

Everything is too much and I just can’t cope anymore

I’m so anxious, I feel I’m going crazy

I’ve been living like this for so long

It feels like I am just surviving, not thriving

I don’t want to spend the rest of my life like this

I don’t see the point of it anymore

Life seems so meaningless and I don’t feel like I have any purpose

Everyone around me seems to be happy but I am not

Sometimes I don’t know what overcomes me

I get angry (anxious/sad) for no reason and it scares me

I’m worried I will lose people I love

These are just some of the things that people say who come for therapy sessions. I offer a safe, caring space to help you to find yourself again.
You might be feeling stressed, anxious, or depressed. Or perhaps you are worried about your health, family, job or relationship. Sometimes we can feel so stuck that we just don’t know which way to turn.

Have you felt that you’ve had to be the strong one, keep coping, not let anyone else in?

Do you feel that seeking help means that you are weak?

Have you been feeling down, hoping that something will change whilst putting on a brave face?

Many people live like this for years, and it often takes for us to be at rock bottom before we reach out. But when you do make contact, you have made a brave and life-changing decision. Change is often not easy, but it is possible. And I work at a pace that is right for you.

In a non-judgemental space you are able to talk freely and openly. About your pain, dissatisfaction, frustration, despair, alienation or other issues.

Just talking about things that you’ve held inside for so long can be a tremendous relief. By making connections and understanding how the past relates to now, you can increase self-awareness and loosen up the past’s grip on you and live more freely in the present.

Psychoanalytic psychotherapy encourages you to explore your unconscious thoughts and emotions which can lead to increased self-awareness. Understanding the root causes of mental health problems can be the start of therapeutic change.

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