Our Results - Embodied Living

Our Results

Our Results

Outcomes are important and you want to know that the time and money you put into therapy will work. With increasing numbers of counsellors in private practice and the wide range of modalities out there, it can be hard to know where to turn.

I have been using the CORE System to measure outcomes since 2012. This system is hugely popular and clinically proven since being developed in the late 90’s. CORE is now the outcome system of choice in the UK and increasingly overseas.

Here are the measures of Embodied Living therapy success:

  • tens of thousands of hours experience working psychotherapeutically
  • over 20 years’ therapy experience (13 psychotherapy, 16 therapeutic coaching)
  • consistently achieved 95% reliable change and 85% both clinical and reliable change as measure by the CORE system
  • ongoing investment in personal and self development over 50 hours each year


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