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Why We Cheat During a Crisis

During a crisis situation, like Covid-19, our tendency to take risks can increase. Trauma can trigger states where risky behaviour has a kind of softening effect on the crisis we are experiencing. Invariably, it can also make us feel more alive. However cheating on our partner only brings us more problems in the long run. [...]

Why our intimate relationships hold the key to our growth

Long term relationships are not easy yet it is precisely these relationships that hold the key our growth. “We are born in relationship, we are wounded in relationship, and we must heal in relationship.” Harville Hendrix Changing attitudes We are living in an era of changing social attitudes, with more people cohabiting prior to getting […]

Coercive control is the hidden side of domestic abuse

Coercive, manipulative and controlling behaviour can be insidious in a relationship and often goes unreported. Here is an article that I first wrote for Psychologies Magazine LifeLabs Domestic abuse is an all too common story in the news: a woman is killed by a man she knew. This type of case can be the ultimate [...]

Relationships and our sense of self

Relationships are one of the most important things in a person’s life. Yet all relationships reach a difficult phase at some point. This is where couples therapy can really help. As human beings, a sense of connection is one of the ‘fruits’ of a happy life, vitally important to our happiness. We need connection No [...]