Suicide - Embodied Living



Why we need to be brave about suicide

Suicide is terrible but we need to talk bravely about it. It is terrible for those who take their own lives and also for the friends and family involved. Leaving others with impossible feelings Those left behind in suicide can experience unbearable feelings of guilt. These ‘whys’ and ‘what ifs’ can seem almost impossible to [...]

When the Good Enough Mother Goes Wrong

Neuroscience and neurobiology are now confirming what we know in our hearts to be true. That the role of the ‘good enough’ mother in the infants first 3 yrs of life is crucial in right hemisphere brain formation. Development of self This attunement that generally happens between mother and infant in the first few months [...]

The Signs of Depression

The signs of depression vary from a general sense of unhappiness and meaninglessness to persistent changes of mood and feelings, and to psychosis (Hale & Davies, 2009). Whilst depression can have a deep impact on our lives, it can be helped with therapy. Depression is classed as an affective disorder involving a prolonged and fundamental [...]