Psychotherapy and counselling in Stafford



I offer psychotherapy and counselling in Stafford in a safe and convenient office-based location. With one to one psychotherapy sessions can be conducted face to face or online. For online therapy you simply need a device connected to the internet and you access the session via a link. Individual therapy, couples therapy, or group therapy are all part of the service. I offer the widest variety of modalities for psychotherapy in Staffordshire.

My Psychotherapy Modalities

The modalities employed in Embodied Living help you develop a deeper connection to yourself and reconnect body and mind to release deep-seated tensions. They promote wholeness and balance throughout the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies by working with mind, body and energy.

The Psychotherapy Programme

Embodied Living takes the BEST approach, based upon the latest research and understanding from the fields of cardiology, neuroscience, psychology and physiology.

Transformational Coaching

Embody a deep ‘felt sense’ of change to authentically connect with yourself and your purpose in life.

In Transformational Coaching you utilise significant life experiences – both positive and negative – to create the positive future you truly desire.

Couples & Relationship Therapy

Our intimate relationships hold the key to our growth and couples therapy can help. Therapy is regarded by some as a sign of weakness or failure, but anyone who has ever had therapy knows how wrong that is! Coming to therapy is a big step that is a sign of strength because it requires courage and a lot of commitment.

Couples therapy is no different. Sometimes we need help to navigate the challenges of our intimate relationships, and it is important to recognise that whilst a good couples therapist may influence you, the only person with the power to change things is you, and you do have that power, no matter how bad things have gotten.

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