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FREE online therapy resources

Over the years I have been building a library of free online therapy resources that I offer free and as part of clients’ programmes. These free therapy resources will help you with anxiety, depression or other mental health issues. This includes podcasts, videos, publications, free support groups, free online courses, free webinars.

Embodied Living Podcast Channel


Here is a selection of useful free online therapy podcasts to help with such issues as emotional regulation, resilience and anxiety. Some of these resources are based on yoga techniques, others are general topics. Check out Embodied Living Podcasts.

Embodied Living – Coping with Covid

I’ve have set up a closed Facebook group offering many FREE therapy resources and support during the COVID-19 crisis. All you need to do is to request to join the group.

The group includes a FREE 8 week online course ‘Emotional Wellbeing’ to help with anxiety and depression. The course includes yoga practices, therapy resources and mindfulness techniques. The course had approval from the Bihar school of yoga and was awarded a grant and endorsement from Staffordshire County Council. Luckily I had all the assets which I could easily put online.

You can join Embodied Living – Coping with Covid Group here.

Building a Resilient Self: Does the felt sense inform the discovery of the self in psychotherapy


For my postgraduate psychotherapy diploma I continued my interest in resilience by looking at the neuroscience of reconsolidation. This occurs during the psychotherapeutic process. Furthermore, it brings about deep and lasting change in the individual, at the level of self or identity.

The piece studied psychotherapy recipients. It looked at the more primitive or infantile levels of thinking which get “affectively burnt in” to the right hemisphere of the brain from ‘injurious’ childhood experiences. Consequently these events result in a kind of ‘arrested development’ of the sense of self.

The body is a kind of ‘superhighway’ to the past (Rothschild) to help the client connect both with forgotten memories and forgotten resources. My research found that respondents had re-accessed adverse childhood events safely, through their negative feeling experience in therapy. These events were where their psychological development had been affected. Clearly, through being able to ‘fill in the dots, understand the links’ they filled in the gaps in self-concept.

Building a Resilient Self: Does the Felt Sense Inform the Discovery of the Self in Neuro-linguistic Psychotherapy

Yoga for Trauma: How trauma-sensitive yoga can help in the trauma recovery process

“Yoga is more effective for treating PTSD than any medication so far.”

(Bessel van der Kolk, NScience seminar , London Guys Hospital, 15 May 2005)


Trauma and its symptoms are more prevalent in society than is often thought. Trauma happens when we have an experience that we struggle to process. It can feel too overwhelming as we experience negative emotions such as helplessness, fear, sadness, rage or shame. But primarily trauma is a physical experience of our body; we have a series of physical responses as our ‘fight or flight’ system kicks in to deal with the situation. We need specific type of help with trauma because of this. Here is my project that I completed for my yoga training and which helps heal trauma:

Yoga for Trauma – How Trauma-Sensitive Yoga Can Help in the Trauma Recovery Process

NLP Master Practitioner Project

Access PDF here

This is an earlier project that studied and modelled several resilient individuals to devise a model of resilience in the workplace

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