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Embodied Living: a new approach to depression, anxiety and wellbeing in Staffordshire

Embodied Living offers yoga, psychotherapy, transformational coaching, training courses and weekly classes in Staffordshire and surrounding areas. Whether you want to deal with the symptoms and causes of illness or disease, or just get back to ‘being yourself’, to being ‘normal’ again, or whether you want to achieve your true or higher potential in life, Embodied Living offers a unique programme just for you. Sue Tupling, the founder of Embodied Living, is an experienced yoga teacher, therapist, coach and trainer who wants to make a difference by offering expertise and services to provide maximum impact within the local community.

Help with depression, anxiety, stress and musculo-skeletal disorders,

Depression, anxiety and musculoskeletal problems, such as back pain, are at record levels. Almost one in four people in Staffordshire attend their GP surgery for mental health related problems. Our unique approach offers proven, effective treatment of depression, anxiety and other mental health issues,well as complaints such as stress, insomnia, relationship issues, panic attacks, painful memories and low self confidence.

Embodied Living therapy offers a combination of therapeutic methods including neurolinguistic psychotherapy, hypnotherapy, yoga therapy, transformational coaching, breathwork, biofeedback and acupressure/TCM for effective relief of symptoms … or just simply to help you become more of what you can be.

Embodied Living Therapy combines psychotherapy, yoga, mindfulness and other modalities to successfully treat conditions such as :

With this multimodality therapy, which is tailored uniquely to you and your needs, substantial or total symptomatic relief is often achieved with a range of stress-related (and other) diseases including chronic pain, IBS, headaches, problems sleeping, and back pain. From time to time we all need help. Embodied Living is a process of wellbeing and transformation. Our programmes offer fast, effective treatment for  Even Even after just one session our approach can bring you a greater degree of wellbeing.

How Embodied Living Therapy Works

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If you have any of the above symptoms or complaints, or another problem that is stopping from living your life fully, please contact us to book your FREE initial consultation. You can contact us.

2  point2 You then attend your FREE initial consultation, either face to face or by telephone. This informal 1 hour session allows us to fully understand your needs so that we can agree which approach is best for you.
3  point3 We outline a broad treatment approach that is best for your needs, based on the issues and preferences discussed at your initial consultation. Every therapy course is individual and tailored bespoke for the unique person who comes to therapy.
4  point4_2 You attend your first session at a time convenient to you. And you rebook a next session if you feel you need one. Sessions can also be done via phone (or Skype).A number of discounted or free sessions are available, for example for NHS referrals and for those on low incomes.
5  point5 We provide you with FREE audio CDs, DVD videos and other resources to help you achieve effective progress and total or substantial symptomatic relief from your symptoms. These are for you to keep and use at home.

We also provide the following services:

  • Corporate Wellbeing Programmes – we have worked with organisations to run taster sessions, courses and classes as well as produce online programmes for employee wellbeing and mental health in the workplace. We also offer our psychotherapy as EAP programmes.
  • Yoga Therapy: Perhaps you would like a stronger, more flexible body free of pain? Our yoga therapy programme works specifically with you and your body to help you achieve desired outcomes.
  • Transformational Coaching– Our programme is about helping you to embody a deep ‘felt sense’ of change so that you connect to yourself and your purpose in life on a deep level. We help you utilise significant life experiences – both positive and negative – to transform and create a very different and positive future.
  • Emotional Wellbeing our Emotional Wellbeing programme is an 8 week course, consisting of weekly 1.5 hour sessions combining psychoeducation with yoga therapy. Contact us for dates of this course which regularly runs in Stafford, Cannock and surrounding areas. This can also be run on site, inhouse in 2 days or four half days.
  • Stress to Resilience – We turn stress management on its head with our 1 day ‘Mental Toughness’ course and our 2 day ‘Stress to Resilience’ course. Mental Toughness is a quality which determines how an individual manages stress and is a key factor in enabling individuals to maximise their health and wellbeing.
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