Affordable psychotherapy and counselling in Stafford

Embodied Living offers psychotherapy and counselling in Stafford to help you deal with the symptoms of stress, the cause of anxiety, overcome low self esteem and beat depression. Your mental health is as important as your physical health; when you look after your mental wellbeing you will feel better physically. Psychotherapy and counselling can help you overcome the symptoms of depression, letting go of anxiety, dealing with panic attacks or phobias and feeling comfortable and content in yourself again. Find out more about psychotherapy and counselling.

Beginners yoga classes in Stafford

We also offer mindfulness-based integral yoga classes in Stafford for beginners. Satyananda Yoga is an integral form of yoga covering a wide range of techniques, from cleansing practices through postures, breathing and relaxation to meditation. Most students report that they find this style of yoga is particularly valuable for stress reduction. Find out more about our yoga class in Stafford.

UKCP Registered Psychotherapist, Certified Yoga Teacher

Sue Tupling, the founder of Embodied Living, is a UKCP registered psychotherapist and counsellor. She is a BWY qualified yoga teacher (Yoga Academy) and a Satyananda certified yoga teacher. Sue is dedicated to helping others find joy and vitality after having embarked on her own personal journey of growth and worked through many of her own challenges in life.

Pay what you can counselling and psychotherapy



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The counselling and psychotherapy sessions are an hour long. Our standard costs are £55 an hour weekdays up until 5.30pm. Weekends and evenings are £63 per hour. However, we recognise that not all budgets stretch that far so we work with you to agree a price that suits you, with a minimum rate to cover overheads. We just ask that you come on board for two sessions at the full rate first. The initial session is always free of charge. Contact us to find out more about affordable psychotherapy.


Beat depression, deal with anxiety, overcome trauma – watch the video

Embodied Living psychotherapy in Stafford is a deeply supportive relationship which supports your wellbeing and helps you to reconnect with your own innate capacity for healing. Psychotherapy helps you to gain the tools to help yourself to grow and heal. Embodied Living psychotherapy and counselling combines several different modalities to help you successfully overcome your symptoms: counselling, body-based psychotherapy, neurolinguistic psychotherapy, somatic experiencing (SE), coaching, yoga therapy, mindfulness, hypnotherapy and biofeedback. With this multimodality therapy, you get an individual approach tailored to you. Contact us to book your initial free of charge session.

How Embodied Living psychotherapy and counselling works

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A number of discounted or free sessions are available, for example for NHS referrals and for those on low incomes.


Mindfulness-based Integral Yoga in Stafford

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Yoga psychotherapy for treatment of trauma

If you want an effective way to treat post-traumatic stress or PTSD, our trauma-sensitive yoga therapy programme works specifically with you and your body to help you overcome trauma. Mindfulness-based integral yoga is more effective than any medication for treating trauma. I run one to one sessions and small groups. Visit the Yoga for Trauma page for more details.

Mindfulness-based Integral Yoga classes & workshops in Stafford

Learning the practices and tools of mindfulness and integral yoga is the best health insurance you can ever take out. I work one to one or with small groups of two or three people. See more about the yoga classes in Stafford. I also run Yoga Workshops – drawing on the principles of mindfulness and integral yoga to integrate physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual wellbeing.