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Pesso Boyden System psychotherapy (PBSP) is a body based psychotherapy. It identifies deficits from our past that lead to unhelpful patterns of thought behaviour or state in the present.

Tools and techniques

PBPS psychotherapy uses ‘tools and techniques such as objects, figures and real human beings to heal the deficits by working on the stage of both our present and our past and directing a new healing drama. In this way, you experience the therapy is a cathartic release but also a pleasurable healing experience.

Healing the deficits

We hold these deficits in our body. For example, that feeling of dread, lump in the throat, panic, tightness, or rage.  When we receive the healing in the experience of the structure (the term for a PBSP session) we can let go of the past and become who we truly are.

Meeting unmet needs

Importantly, Pesso therapy uses the stage of both the present and the past. The client simply starts with the ‘here and now’ problem which leads him or her safely into the past which needs healing. In meeting these unmet needs from our past it gives us a sense of satisfaction or wholeness. Moreover in doing so we can become who we truly are and live with more pleasure, satisfaction, meaning and connectedness.


Watch this little animated video to give you a taste.

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