Violence begets violence. Abuse begets abuse. As children, up to 37% of boys and 52% of girls are sexually abused by an adult 96 of whom are men. Almost all of these men have poor parent-child attachments in their own childhood (a serious relational trauma triggering a ‘rage’ or ‘anger’ cycle), and often have been abused themselves.

If abusers or offenders get therapeutic help the reoffending rate is 5%! The cycle CAN be broken. We can’t continue to blame the abuser, or even the victim, that is disempowering and damaging our very society, for generations to come:

“Traumatic psychosocial experience may have serious consequences for generations to come because of ‘organismic’ ‘compensatory attempts at homeostasis’ which ‘can lead to long lasting change in gene expression’ (Post, 1992, in Parker Hall 2009)

In this challenging TED talk Jackson Katz talks about how male ‘culture’ supports male abusive behaviour, men need to watch it.

And if you know anything about quantum mechananics, systems thinking or chaos theory as one person ‘wakes up’ (expands their consciousness), it has a disproportional large beneficial effect on the human ‘system’ because of the interconnectedness of universal phenomena.

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