The Programme - Embodied Living

The Programme

The Programme

The BEST way

The BEST Programme teaches a number of techniques that enable you to become aware of internal signals and consciously upgrade your body-mind.

The four stages of ‘BEST’ will take you from merely coping… to building resilience and stability… to learning how to unleash your higher potential and sustain peak performance.

BUILD – this gives you the tools and strategies to build resilience by consciously altering the patterns that create stressful thinking and poor thinking habits. It will help you gain control over emotional states and help you transform your thinking. By addressing and meeting unmet needs from the past, more self-resilience can be achieved.

EMBODY – You will discover ways to ground the mind and body. The process of psychotherapy develops awareness by bringing unconscious patterns of thought, behaviour and language into conscious awareness. This helps the brain to make new links and develops centres in the mid pre-frontal cortex (MPFC). This will develop self-regulation of emotional states, attuned communication, emotional balance, response flexibility, insight, empathy, intuition and anxiety/fear modulation. A big list – but remember, effective psychotherapy is a deep rewiring of our brain.

SYNCHRONISE – With effective help you can begin to move into optimal physiological coherence and integration. Working together, we address the polarities of being- such as those around our maleness/femaleness; our analytical logical left brain vs our intuitive creative right brain; our sensori-motor sensitivity vs motor control and physical skills; our receptivity (ability to take in) vs our activity (ability to give) and any splits in our genetic or familial history.  When the body-mind system is fully aligned and interacting harmoniously you are working at peak performance levels and information processing (and reality!) becomes very different. As well as psychological benefits such as increased emotional stability and improved cognitive performance, your overall health is improved through reduced blood pressure, and increased energy etc.

TRANSCEND – Finally, we work with you to transform you to higher levels of learning and achieve a sense of freedom, joy and fulfilment that is sustainable. Essentially this is about realising your uniqueness and potential and becoming who you truly are. This will help you to achieve higher levels of potential and even a higher level of ‘being’.

How Embodied Living works

Step One

Contact me to book your initial consultation, which is without obligation.

Step Two

This initial consultation allows me to fully understand your needs – and you to find out more about my approach.

Step Three

One-to-one therapy sessions are tailored for your unique situation and needs. You attend at a time convenient to you and book a next session if you feel you need one. Sessions can also be done via phone/Skype or even via email/text.
I offer a fee structure to suit you.

Step Four

We provide you with FREE audio, video and other resources to help you achieve effective progress between sessions – and beyond.

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