What are your current levels of wellbeing like? Find out with our quick test.

Thinking about how you have been feeling over the last two weeks, please indicate whether you agree (Yes or No) with each of the five statements below:

  1. I have felt cheerful and in good spirits for more than half of the time (Yes/No)
  2. I have felt calm and relaxed for at least 7 days (Yes/No)
  3. I have felt active and vigorous for more than half of the time (Yes/No)
  4. I woke up feeling fresh and rested (Yes/No)
  5. For more than half of the time my daily life has been filled with things that interest me (Yes/No)

If you have answered No to two or more of these questions, you may need to give some attention to your levels of wellbeing.

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This questionnaire has been adapted from the WHO Wellbeing Index and only gives a rough guide to your levels of wellbeing.

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