Overcome Your Negative Thoughts

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Negative thoughts drain your energy and stop you from focusing on the present. The more you think negative thoughts the stronger they become.

 “If you are positive, you’ll see opportunities instead of obstacles.” –  Widad Akrawi

Many people suffer from the undesirable thinking which has a devastating impact on their lives. They start to feel as if people are disappointed in them. If you find yourself being attacked with these feelings or thought processes, you need to remember it is possible to turn things around.

With the correct knowledge, understanding and practice you can improve your future inside and out. Please read my top tips below to help you with negative thinking:

negative thoughtsLive in the moment – When you think negative thoughts it is usually about your past experiences or something that you fear may happen in the future. Start making a habit of spending more time in the present moment and you will naturally have less negative thoughts and feel more open and constructive.

Give someone else your positivity – If you negative thoughts are bringing you down, then you are likely to bring other people’s moods down. Add positivity into someone else’s like and you will start to feel better about yourself and more hopeful.

Recognise negative though patterns – Repetitive thought patterns are disruptive and unproductive. They serve no real purpose and cause negative emotions. Once you learn to identify these when they occur you need to make the decision whether to act on them or to leave them alone.

negative thouightsNo one is perfect – It is easy to remember every little mistake you have made. The only thing you can do now is learn from them and move forward – make happy memories you won’t live to regret.

Stop overthinking – When you’re faced with tough situations, negative thoughts do occur. Always remind yourself that nothing is too serious, remembering this will help you to realise that just because you may have made mistakes in the past, doesn’t mean you won’t succeed in your future.

“You cannot have a positive lift and a negative mind.” – Joyce Meyer


Written by Jordan Dalziel, PR and Marketing apprentice at Changeworks Communications. The 19-year-old recently completed a Level 3 Business Diploma at Stafford College and is now working towards a Level 4 Diploma in Public Relations, with the support of the PRCA and her Changeworks colleagues. Jordan assists with Embodied Living’s social media and e-newsletters.



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