Wellbeing Training Courses, Emotional Resilience Training Courses, Yoga Workshops

We run a number of workshops and training courses during the year, which we are always adding to.

Here is a selection of our current courses:

Mental Toughness Development

1 day course – Click here for course details

A 1 day introductory course to help you understand the model of mental toughness and cope better under pressure. This course is designed to enable managers to understand the model of mental toughness, how to assess themselves and others and raise awareness of the techniques used to develop greater degrees of mental toughness/resilience to better cope with the stresses and pressures of life.

Mindfulness for Busy People

This is a six week course run in house in companies for 2 hours per week – lunchtime or after work. It aims to teach the basics of mindfulness and help people with stressful lives relax and recharge and be more resilient and productive in work and life.


The Inner Power of Yoga

1 day workshop – Click here for course details

Build Resilience and find strength in adversity through yoga. This workshop is about embodying the benefits of yoga practice with psychomotor therapy and energy system work, to effect lasting changes in our nervous and body-mind systems. It will help alleviate the symptoms of anxiety and depression and help you build resilience to manage stress.

Yoga: The Inner Journey

1 day workshop – Click here for course details

Hero’s Journey as a framework to explore a deeper connection to self. Are you searching for a sense of meaning?  Feel you aren’t fulfilling your potential?  Is something missing in your life?
This workshop will explore the inner work of yoga through the framework of the ‘Hero’s Journey’, encouraging a deep connection to self and overcoming some of the hurdles that get in the way.

Yoga for Emotional Wellbeing

1 day workshop – Click here for course details

This module will cover theory and practice of the western and yogic aspects of yoga and anxiety and deep relaxation combining neuro-linguistic psychotherapy with yoga.This course is intended to help people relieve the symptoms of anxiety and learn techniques of restorative yoga to relax on a deep level.